Uncategorized September 21, 2023

In My Opinion…

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This year’s higher mortgage rates and home prices have posed challenges for some homebuyers. However, rising wages and salaries offer hope. When wages increase, people have more money for savings and home purchases, aiding affordability in markets like Wichita. Buyer demand remains strong, driven by the enduring need for homes. If you’re selling, this is good news, as there are buyers ready to fulfill their homeownership dreams. Your house might be the perfect fit. If you are thinking of buying and interest rates are a concern, realize that for every percentage point up you have $10,000, more buying power. Of course, for every percentage point down, you have $10,000 less buying power. No matter what the marketing is doing at any given time, life still moves on. There are still buyers moving to locations that can provide a better quality of life and life changing events that require one to look at buying a home that fits their needs. Whether you’re buying or selling, I can help create a solid plan for success, not just listing and waiting. Contact me to explore your opportunities in this potentially ideal market.